Physiotherapy Treatment

Following an initial consultation, physical treatment emphasizing manual (hands-on) therapy and exercise with adjunctive modalities as necessary will be instituted. Treatment is done one-on-one with the same physiotherapist for the duration of the treatment plan without relying on assistants or aides. In order to ensure optimal one-on-one care, we only book 2 patients per hour at half-hour intervals so that you will receive a full 30 minutes of dedicated time with your physiotherapist. Often, your session may be longer than 30 minutes if you're also receiving treatments such as electrotherapy, acupuncture or exercises in our modern and fully-equipped gym following your one-on-one time which are all included as part of the physiotherapy session. At all times our goal is to educate you about your condition and the corrective steps to treat the problem, thus ensuring that you'll be able to manage independently. Communication with referring medical professionals using progress and discharge summaries is done regularly.

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