It's important that you find the right clinic and physiotherapist for you so that you can begin moving and feeling better.

If you're unsure about booking your first visit, we're happy to speak with you about the pain, injury or problem you're experiencing. You can choose whether you want to meet with one of our physiotherapists by phone or secure video conferencing. During this call, we'll be able to learn more about your issue and give you honest advice regarding treatment options or the best course of action for you.

Feel free to phone us at 416-490-0449 to set up your call.

Alternatively, you can email us at or fill out the form below so that we can match you with our best suited physiotherapist.

Free 10-minute Consultation Request

Please feel free to let us know your area of pain or injury and the best day/time to reach you using the message section below. Please also let us know if you prefer a phone consultation or a secure video consultation.

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