We're happy to inform you that all of our staff members are fully vaccinated against Covid-19.

As regulated health professionals, we remain open for both in-person care and virtual physiotherapy to serve you in accordance with provincial health directives. During the pandemic we've made some important changes at our clinic that will help with continued efforts to control the spread of Covid-19 and provide a safe environment for both our patients and staff. You can learn more about some of the key changes we've made by reading below. While it might seem a little different than it used to be, we want to make sure you know that our wonderful team is here to ensure that you still have a great experience!

Promotion of Physical Distancing
  • We're staggering appointment times or spacing out appointments as necessary in order to reduce the number of people in common areas of the clinic at one time and to allow for us to carry out our disinfection protocols between patients.
  • All forms filled out by patients are completed online whenever possible and follow-up appointments booked on the phone to minimize the amount of time spent in the waiting room at our front desk.
  • We'll be asking you not to arrive early and will receive you directly to a treatment room/cubicle rather than the waiting room after being screened. For this reason, we've eliminated many of the chairs in our reception area as well as non-essential items like magazines or newspapers.
  • Only patients and their essential visitors such as a guardian or support person (if required) are permitted to attend treatment sessions.
Screening Patients, Visitors and Staff for Illness and Travel History

All patients and visitors are screened upon entry to our clinic and are not permitted to proceed further if they do not pass screening for Covid-19. We'll also be pre-screening on the phone prior to initial appointments for any symptoms or a travel history of concern. Likewise, we require all of our staff to complete screening prior to each shift and require that they stay home for the recommended period of time should they not pass their screening.

HEPA Air Filtration
  • In order to optimize air quality, we've added True HEPA air purifiers throughout the clinic to ensure full coverage of our facility.
  • Most importantly, every enclosed treatment room has its own dedicated air purifier equipped with a True HEPA filter.
Diligent Infection Control Procedures
  • We continue to be attentive to our usual routines that include strict hand washing/sanitizing, cleaning and disinfecting of treatment tables/surfaces and any equipment that comes into contact with patients after every use during appointments. High-touch surfaces in the clinic are also disinfected periodically during the day.
  • We only use disinfectants at the clinic that are on Health Canada's list as being shown to be effective against Covid-19.
  • Anyone entering the clinic is required to sanitize their hands upon entry at our hand sanitizing station and we ask for all patients and visitors to wear a face mask or cover while on premises, which may include your own personal cloth face mask.
  • Our health professionals wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) such as surgical/procedure masks and eye protection while delivering care as well as when interacting with other staff when a 2-metre distance cannot be maintained or they are in open areas of the clinic.
  • Our front desk staff will interact with you from behind a plexiglass barrier for their own safety and for yours. They are also required to wear face masks while working.
  • We promote contactless payment such as tapping your credit card or e-transfer whenever possible.
  • Staff do not share computers during a shift and these will be used only after hand washing/sanitizing and disinfection between shifts. Likewise, all therapists will be designated specific treatment areas to minimize proximity to other staff during a shift.
Virtual Online Video Physiotherapy
  • We've been successfully helping people move and feel better since the beginning of the pandemic by providing 1-on-1 virtual visits with their physiotherapist from the comfort and safety of their own home or office.
  • Receiving care this way is still a great way to see your physiotherapist and can be used in conjunction with in-person visits. Your physiotherapist can let you know if this an appropriate option for you. You can learn more about our online virtual physiotherapy program by clicking here.
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